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Mason’s Pecans & Peanuts, LLC

4913 SE 44th St.

Norman, Ok  73072

South of Norman At I-35 Exit 106

1/2 Mile West on Hwy 9

(On the North Side of HWY 9 ,

 just West of Riverwind Casino

and across from McDonalds)


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Monday - Friday                        8:00 to 6:00

Saturday                                   9:00 to 5:00

Sunday (Oct thru Feb)             10:00 to 5:00

To contact us:


Phone: 405-329-7828

Fax: 405-329-8170

Toll Free: 800-232 6887(nuts)




New Color!

Welcome to Mason’s Pecans & Peanuts!


Well they are finally in!!! SPANISH PEANUTS! Between the low crop numbers, competition with foreign buyers and Federal regulations, getting Spanish peanuts has been an exercise in patience and determination, but we have them now so I can relax just a bit. And so can all the churches and ladies who use them to make their brittle for the holidays!

See the “Retail Pricing” page for current pricing.


We have New Crop in shell pecans & pecan halves. We have those gold nugget Kanza and the Pawnee. Both are grown here in Oklahoma.

We also have New Crop Elliot pecan halves/clean meats as well as inshell. This batch is from our neighbor Arkansas!


The Kanza is becoming one of our most popular pecans. It was developed for the north Oklahoma/Kansas growing region as it will bud later in the spring (after the last frost) and mature earlier in the fall (before the first freeze). Consequentially it doesn’t have a chance to grow as big, but with it’s rich golden color and sweet flavor it is rapidly taking the place of our Elliot pecans as the most popular.

Our Elliot pecans typically come from Louisiana or Alabama (further south) as it doesn’t mature till later and isn’t grown in Oklahoma due to frost concerns. But it is usually our sweetest pecan, although a bit smaller than the Kanza.


If size matters, then the Pawnee is what you want. While not quite as big as some of the giants out there, it has a rich nutty flavor and is traditionally one of the all time favorites!


We have also started getting New Crop pecans from our “Custom Shelling” customers. They are people who have a pecan tree in their yard who bring the nuts to us to get them cracked and most of the shell removed.

This has got to be the worst year for pecans. Many of our customers are telling us they didn’t get 1 pecan off their trees and if they had any, the squirrels, crow and/or blue jays got them. Normally we would be getting in at least 500 lbs a day, but this year we are lucky to see that in a week.


There is no “Wait List” this year so bring your pecans in whenever convenient. Please see our Processing page for more information.