Masons SquirrelMasons Squirell

Mason’s Pecans & Peanuts, LLC

4913 SE 44th St.

Norman, Ok  73072

South of Norman At I-35 Exit 106

1/2 Mile West on Hwy 9

(On the North Side of HWY 9 ,

 just West of Riverwind Casino

and across from McDonalds)


Seasonal/Holiday STORE HOURS 

Monday - Saturday         9:00 to 5:00

Sunday - Closed (We might open if it gets real busy)

(October through December)

To contact us:


Phone: 405-329-7828

Toll Free: 800-232 6887(nuts)


NEWS for 2023

Well finally…. We might be blessed with a really nice pecan crop in Central Oklahoma!


At this point the only thing that could mess it up would be Government or an early freeze.


Lots of rain here, and at the right times. Not too blistering hot…

The trees are full and soon will be looking for a reason to release those beautiful golden nuts to

the world.


We have our Season Hours posted below and will have a NEW Program concerning the Cracking & Shelling of your pecans…


check out our “Cracking Policy” page for more information.

(I don’t have it updated yet, but will very shortly)


I will be Updating the “Retail” page as well… so check back in a couple of weeks.


As you can tell we are not some BIG hoity toity corporation that wants to take over the world.

We are a small family/locally owned, ran & employed company.


If you prefer a BIG hoity toity corporation… may I suggest Wally World or Amazon…


But if you want a much nicer product from a friendly company that that keeps the money here in Oklahoma or at least USA...

(sorry some nuts just are not grown in the USA)


for visiting with us!!!

Still Serving Satisfied Oklahomans & Travelers for Over 55 Years

Check our Google Reviews…

With the exception of Ex-Employees & Some Who Have Issues with Dialogue...


Almost ALL are Very Positive!!!


We Love and Appreciate You!!!


The employees we couldn’t fix… if we could... they would still be here!


The others… I’m not going there…

that’s their RIGHT!

At least in this country!